A while ago I had the great pleasure of shooting The Distant North’s debut music video, check it out!

Abandoned Building // Slider Series
Abandoned Building // Slider Series

I recently shot a new slider video set in an abandoned building, Check it out, let me know what you think.

Spent the last few days finishing up the GhostFest footage, Check it out!


Throw Back Thursday to way back when we covered our first Festival! We had to the pleasure of shooting Slam Dunk Ltd 2012 with the guys from Laguna Sunrise & Atticus
Hope everyone managed to get to at least one festival this year! We managed to get ourselves to Ghost Fest & Leeds Festival this year, hopefully a lot more next year!

Yesterday I ventured out with my buddy Adam, to check out a few locations we came across the other week, I managed to get a small shoot done and messed around with natural lens flares, Check it out!

DSLR Slider Test Footage // Markeaton Park from Untraditional Productions on Vimeo.

After shoot abit of We Made A Game yesterday, I headed out to Markeaton Park to test out my slider as I haven’t had a real chance to put it through its paces, Check out what I shot!
Music by Jigsaw Audio


According to Roger Moore’s autobiography he witnessed Christopher Reeve walking through the canteen at Pinewood Studios in full Superman costume oblivious to the swooning female admirers he left in his wake. When he did the same thing dressed as Clark Kent no one paid any attention.
Superman (1978)