Behind the scene’s of Cara Jade Photography's Warrior Shoot! Check it out!
Model // Verity Ellen Smith
Photographer // Cara Wain
MUA // Emily Clayton

Inside out shoot

Model: Becky Smart

Rapture Studios

Film // Photography Gear!

Its being a long road to get here but I’m pleased to announce that I am now based in Rapture Studios working along side Aperture Alternative & Jigsaw Audio! We’ve got a lot of plans for the studio and cant wait to see them happen! Please help us out by liking the page! Keep your eyes peeled, its going to be an awesome year!

Project I’m currently working on for a friend, spent my entire day stood in a river filming a promo for her photography page! Check out the teaser!

Natives - The Rescue Rooms - Nottingham 

Lego Superman Clock!

Day in the life of Salam from Army of Two - Photo Project for myself & Aperture Alternative!

Filming on the set of The Veral’s “hurricane Headache” Music Video, Last month in Sheffield! 

Check out the Video here!

Check out one of our latest music videos, we had the pleasure of producing for A World Defined!